Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Categories in Blogger -- labelr

labelr (though beta release) is here ..
Finally you can have categories in blogger also. Amit has developed the labelr application which allows you to integrate categories in your blogger template with nearly no effort. ("nearly" because you got to add some lines somewhere in your blogger template :-) )

Once registered, you can add any number of categories to your blog. You can also categorize your existing posts into the new categories. And woah!! you are done. You can look at the sample cases either here or at Amit's site.

labler is easy to use and even provides categorized rss feeds. Unlike Wordpress, labelr provides the ajax-enabled quick and fast view of posts in a given category making going back quite easy ;-)

Checkout this much awaited necessary feature of blogger. Since, labelr is in its beta release, for using it you gotta contact here.



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