Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Social event management..

I think this should be in continuation of my previous post :P. But here there are some other minor players also.

Yahoo acuired, which lets people manage their social calendars, share information about upcoming events like local concerts and festivals, and post events calendars to their own Web sites.

" is a collaborative event calendar, completely driven by people like you. Enter in the events you're attending, comment on events entered by others, and syndicate event listings to your own weblog.
As learns more about the events you enjoy, it will suggest new events you never would have heard about."

Upcoming is an interesting tool. The main aim is providing the "local-content offerings" to the people. Google has been working on this long (with the ongoing establishment of Googlenet, google ads, google wifi). Back to social networking, Google is not behind too.. Orkut is there since long and now checkout And yes!!!!!! you are redirected to, means there is another tool from google soon.

These are not the only ones. Event managements may be personal, social, commercial or corporate, there is another web based software company 37signals in it. But What I know about them is the basis of their technology is Ruby on Rails whose basis is MVC software architecture (this is new one other than client-server,P2P, OOPs with modular approach, SOA etc.). Some of their current tools,

Tada list, is simple personal todo list. Manage the works u need to do online with a lot of features providing sharing and marking of done work in list.
Then their is backpack, providing a hell lot of features like Organizing do lists, notes, images, and photos, Planning personal or business trip, Collaborate on a new business idea, Gather information for a research project, Build a For Sale page etc..

Also, there is basecamp or Project Management Utopia as they call it :). Providing major benefits like
1) Web-based & hosted — no install/IT
2) Centralize internal communication
3) Gather & archive client feedback
4) Schedule milestones and due dates
With easy setup, blog like simplicity ;) simple permissions, web-based and XML technology its the future of web based software as some call it ;)

Backpack, Ta-da List, and Basecamp (and associated logos) are service marks of 37signals (if it sounds arbit, there is smthing called 43folders also)
Lately(1-2 days back), 37signals also launched wordboard, As site says, Writeboard makes it easy to... Write without fear of losing or overwriting a good idea, Compare different versions of a document, Collaborate with colleagues on copy, proposals, memos, etc. and easy integration with Backpack. Best for business use and of course personal if you are single working company like journalist, blogger, researcher etc.

While is more into social kind of networking, while 37 signals is more into corporate or personal networking. But lets wait for and see what ups with google next? But google will have upper hand since its adsense business is already on its best, while yahoo has just launched it smtime back with not even public release as of yet.

Meanwhile, fighting here with yahoo on social networking, Google is fighting with Microsoft on Office tools, joining hands with Sun to provide online soon. Google wants to same for web that microsoft did with/for desktops and PCs in end 90's. Waiting since long for Microsoft to show something!!! :-w :-s (more on this sometime later)



Blogger Nikhil said...

Nice one. Some good links.

Could you also review stuff compatible with PDAs.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Nakul said...

thanx nikhil.
Can you be more specific in the sense what exactly in PDA's.

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