Monday, September 19, 2005

Video Search Giants++

Much of the search world is trying to provide search features in different vertical segments - classifieds, jobs, blogs, news, images, audio, newsgroups, tech papers, local areas, certain geographical locations and so on - so that the end user may get the most relevant information of his/her interest.
You imagined being able to search for audio content online. You got that via the connection, podscope(for podcasts) etc.
Now, imagine being able to search for video content online. Well, imagine no more.

Truveo[4] is launching a Web crawler that one analyst called “a step ahead” of what Yahoo Inc. and Google Inc. have accomplished in video search.
Truveo's "Visual Crawler" is designed to identify the visual apects of a Web application and not just text, as a human would. Using this approach, the company said the crawler is able to locate video that is normally invisible to standard crawlers like google, yahoo and many others.

Truveo claims that its Visual Crawler technology produces more comprehensive and
more up-to-date video search results than competitors.
As expected, Truveo derives its revenue from ad sales and licensing the engine to other destination sites.
Truveo’s advisors and investors include Microsoft Corp. senior researcher Gordon Bell, who developed the minicomputer; Stanford University’s Rajeev Motwani, a technical advisor for Google; Raj Reddy, former dean of Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science department; and Vince Vannelli, former senior vice president of Inktomi.

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