Friday, September 30, 2005

I am the best

"I am the best, I am the best", everyone of google, microsoft and yahoo trying to cope up with each other with new innovations day by day. Ofcourse there is search (keyword, context based, images, videos blah blah) but lets not see to it since one aspect of it involves much technical knowledge while the other one that whose results are better everyone knows which one to use when:)

So, lets start from mail
Hotmail was the first email service and the at the time it was launched, it was the best one can thought of. With a lot of features and 2MB mail space, hotmail was the buzzword at that time. sometime later, Yahoo mail came. Providing a faster experience and a lot of features for playing with text and images. But just few days after the OddPost launch, Google launched its much rumoured mail service Gmail. Based on AJAX and a whole javascript engine, it provided the pine type fastness with same GUI (some think its even better) as yahoo or hotmail.But in the meantime Yahoo bought Oddpost and promised to provide the desktop mail experience to its mail users and it even did it. Read here
But one thing was common in all of them was Advertisements. While they provided free mail services but they were full of side or top banners or google ads.
Hotmail is sort of out of mail except the old users. While the battle has narrowed to yahoo mail vs Gmail. While Google search feature in emails is superior to Yahoo's but the image browsing or even playing with images in Yahoo is incomparable.

Then came the instant messengers (IM's)...
Google with the launch of Gtalk has joined the long battle of MSN vs YM. So now its MSN vs YM vs GTalk.GTalk provides very few features but the simplicity, low CPU usage and Voice over IP feature simply rock in it. YM with the latest release of YM with voice provides VOIP feature with a hell lot of features similar to MSN. But AFAIK most people still use MSN, then comes YM and lastly is Gtalk.

Then are the Maps and earth's (:P)..
All three are boating here too. Yahoo while is only in the field of maps with
Google and Microsoft are into earth too. While google's earth is awesome and the view it provides is simply superb, MSN alternative is not bad too (may be an underdog, lets wait and see). Look at some images and the features it will be providing here.
Google -,
Yahoo -
MSN -,

While Personalized Homepages or so called "My" space/yahoo/blog etc..
Google was first to launch blogging with blogger. Yahoo was first for providing My yahoo kind of stuff where one can add a lot of other features and a lot of facilities too. But lately all 3 of them provide the complete package of Personalized pages inbuilt with image managers (even blogging too), rss readers and anything build in with attracting and easy to use GUI's (even with drag and drop features).
Google -, blogger, hello, picasa
Microsoft - Msn spaces,
Yahoo - yahoo 360,

Other Innovations
1) Toolbars - everyone of them has their own toolbars nearly providing the same features.
2) Yahoo Mindset - still a research project at yahoo, ranks the results on 2 basis namely research and market. Then depending upon the ratio of two selected by the user the results are displayed.
3) Google Suggestions and Google I am feeling lucky - While the former one provides the suggestions displaying some auto completions in drop down box, the latter directly takes you to the first result page.
4) Yahoo Instant searchresult - One can think as combination of google suggest and am feeling lucky. Since it shows the first result as dropbox with the link and a short description using AJAX.
5) MSN toolbar + Intellitext - This one provides the 2 features. first context based search on the basis of other opened files and browser windows and secondly secure search ( this sounds interesting since google search is not secure :( ).



Blogger Pradeep Kanade said...

hmm.. nice one..
So what do you speculate?

12:48 PM  
Blogger Parijat said...

Very interesting...
Especially the link you've provided where he talks about Google's arrogance and not providing a choice to users.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Nakul said...

hey, pradeep as far as my specualtion is concerned, since in microsoft and google, google is web oriented while microsoft is desktop oriented and trying to cope up with web advancements. So, google and Yahoo are far better with web-based innovations but lately MSN is also showing good results especially with and intellitext plugin of their toolbar.

1:46 AM  
Blogger Nakul said...

sorry just forgot to mention, in the mean time users are getting a large variety of options and flexibility and of course a good and enjoyable internet.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Aditya said...

I dont think that many people know that the precursor to Google Earth was the research done at Microsoft Research by the Turing Award winner Jim Gray in 1998! Check out Microsoft Research had already done what Google has done now. It is just that they didnt think it was worth making into a product. BTW I still dont get the importance of Google Earth (apart from the 'fun' part) - GPRS etc were already there - so what's the point ?

12:58 AM  
Blogger Nakul said...

hey aditya thanks for info. I didnt knew that, but frankly i won't even believe that now, since if microsoft has already done it, why they are taking they long to release virtualearthinfo. And you are saying they didn't find any importance of it. Then, you are comparing Terraservice with google earth. This is unbelievable.

Anyways as far as use of GoogleMaps is concerned, it is being used up in many projects at various unvis like AntWeb at California Academy of Sciences. Then updated info at googleMaps helped in rescue method during katrina hurricane. It has collaborated with National Geographic providing a "boon" feature for wild life lovers at googleMaps.
These are what I know from google's blogsite, there must have been others too I donot know.
Every technological innovation has its use just u shld know how to exploit for various purposes may be research or just for enjoyment.

9:05 AM  

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