Tuesday, August 09, 2005

WaterProof Paper

Ya you read it right.. and even the content still remains even if kept submerged in water for long time. Accidently formed at Ecology Coatings, the technology will be available in market after arnd 1.5 t o2 years. The good point about is it can be incorporated in other products also peacefully. Hence lowering the existing cost prices since Manufacturers today produce waterproof labels, but it requires embedding polypropylene fibers in paper. The process is expensive but also makes the paper waxy and tough.

The new technology-
Ecology is somewhat vague on that. The coating is a version of the company's UV-curable material. The lab apparatus affects the material in such as way that the coating actually permeates the paper, rather than just forming a layer on top, like a typical coating.
"The apparatus sort of hurls it into the paper," said Ramsey. "It gives the drops some interesting momentum."
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