Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Playing with Images and API's

Amazon yesterday launched image mapping software, which maps the given address search string to image of that locality or block of that area. It can be used from http://maps.a9.com

Another tool to play with images and rather constructing usual stuff from images. The work started of with simple image search. Then came the tools like Flickr, Picasa, Hello for sharing personal images with your friends or with internet friends.

Most of the tools use these tools itself to create valuable stuff for people like
1) Mappr. - Mappr is an interactive environment for exploring place, based on the photos people take. By adding geographical information to the wealth of photographs found on Flickr, it allows new ways of looking at spaces and images. Mappr adds place to pictures.
2) Word-images- http://metaatem.net/words maps alphabets in your given word to images like this is my name :D
ghostNA is for teamkuSeaLand L AGgaR-is-forWomble WuntitledPICT2204a
Everytime I refresh the page i see my name with different alphabets ;) ;)

Cool app.. what say.?
3) Vox Delicii - a cool flash based application which displays the most widely discussed links and topics in new format using the del.icio.us tags database.
4) A lot exists from google Maps eg. http://transit-maps.com/, Cheapgas



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