Sunday, August 21, 2005

The First Peer-to-Peer Geolocation Service

A New-York-based start-up company, Navizon, with its peer-to-peer wireless positioning system which relies on dynamic databases always up-to-date to provide location-based services (LBS). Users need a free piece of software and a GPS device or a WiFi and/or Cellular enabled Pocket PC PDA. When you're walking or driving, you're able to get your exact location in real time, and companies can send you messages about a restaurant of a film opening near the place where you are. The beauty of this plan is that the company doesn't need any support from big telcos or Wi-Fi providers. The company, which started the service last week in New York, Toronto and Miami, expects to be profitable soon.
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Now the catch here is, this is quite similar to what google's long term plans seems to be as Business analysts told some days earlier. If google is in same lane,then this company will be bought by Gooogle too and very sooner. Lets wait and see!!



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