Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sarkar - review

Watching sarkar was gr8 and exciting experience. Me and my friend went to buy tickets (for 5 people) for next day 9:30 show but we luckily got 2 tickets and we went then itself.
Movie started with statement "I was deeply influenced/inspired by 'The Godfather'. and this my tribute to it. - Ramgopal Verma"
While it is not even near either to the Novel by Mario Puzo and 1972 movie "The GodFather" which is still at #1 in all times(check out
While it started with the story as per the novel but very soon lost the track. the Rediff review of the movie is exactly right.
one of the best statements of review, "For Sarkar, it's not business, it's personal."

But if not compared to the novel or the original english version, the movie is quite good. the direction, script and the acting are good. Overall I liked the movie. And is worth watching in theate. (Plz dont set the anology with original)



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